Masterfully Crafted Permanent Makeup

We believe that your permanent makeup should be as unique as you are! Since we are also professionally trained makeup artists, each appointment is a completely customized experience with makeup design that is tailored to your personal style, facial anatomy, and lifestyle for a perfectly timeless look.


The Artistic Process


Your PMU Artist will begin with a thorough consultation going over the procedure(s) you desire, the techniques available as well as pros and cons of each technique, customized color discussion and most importantly- an expertly shaped brow, eyeliner or lip design tailored to your specific desires. Your PMU Artist will collaborate with you until the ultimate shape and symmetry (as realistically as possible) is reached. Through this customized Artistry process you will get to see, discuss, and approve of everything before anything is tattooed.

Cosmetic Tattooing

After the design and color are approved, your PMU Artist will begin the cosmetic tattooing process using the most advanced techniques and products prioritizing your comfort. Our goal is to not only give you beautiful, natural-looking results but also to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Because of our extensive experience in permanent makeup, our clients experience little to no pain and swelling and they all agree it's nothing like what they anticipated.

Post Care Instruction

And lastly, your PMU Artist will go over aftercare instructions to ensure you have an easy healing process and provide you with detailed printed instructions and aftercare product(s). During the first 24-48 hours, expect minor swelling. During the healing process (5-7 days, or 10-14 for microblading), expect the color to appear bold. By the 4th day, a thin scab will form. Do not pick/peel the scab; this can result in light/patchy color and increase your risk of infection. Depending on your body, the scab will flake off on its own in approximately five to seven days and a softer, more natural color will be unveiled!

Follow Up Appointment

Two to three months after the initial appointment, your PMU Artist will see you back for a follow-up visit to assess the healed design and color. At that appointment, anything that needs to be done will be taken care of to ensure that everything looks perfect. This is also your opportunity to decide if you'd like to go more dramatic now that you’ve experienced and understand the process. After the follow-up, clients don't have to come back for anywhere from 1.5-10 years, depending on their selected technique, color choice and individual retention.

What Our Clients are saying

Rima was AMAZING! She took so much time to discuss her techniques and show pictures from her portfolio to help me decide what was the best method for my permanent brows. She has such great skill And is a true artist! Very professional. Took great care to inform me of risks before and proper post procedure care after. Highly recommend! She is worth the wait. I was also impressed with her interpersonal skills. Though I know she is super busy, there was never an implied rush to get me in and out of her office.

There are not enough words to express how incredible Rima and her staff are! After searching and searching, I came across photos of Rima’s work, and she clearly topped the rest! During the consultation, and she learned what I wanted and gave her professional ideas that would help me reach the goal I had in mind. She really listened to what I wanted and didn’t rush the consulting process, which I appreciated so much! Having been in the healthcare profession for many years, someone’s bedside manner speaks volumes, and Rima has by far the best client interaction of any professional I’ve ever worked with. She has such a genuine, calming, trusting, and confident yet humble demeanor. By the end of our consult, I was 100% at peace that she was going to make my eyebrows look fantastic! She has an amazing method that numbs the brows to make the entire process totally pain free. I now have more confidence in my natural, no makeup state, than I’ve ever had because of how fantastic she made my eyebrows look. She is extremely educated in her profession and was able to not only answer every question I had about the process, but actually educated me on the clinical data and research behind some of the methods she uses. She is extremely personable, and you can tell within the first few minutes of talking to her that she strives for greatness. If I could give Rima and her team 10 stars, I would!

Another beautiful permanent makeup tattoo experience with Rima!! Her skill in creating perfect permanent eyeliner and brows amazes me!! I have made an appointment to get my lips done next, and I cannot wait!! I love Rima, she is a lovely and kind person as well as a very talented artist!! The results I get from her work are stunning, I get so many complements!! My experience with Rima can be summed up in one word: Flawless!!
Thank you, thank you, Rima!!

I don't usually write public reviews of services but I have to give a shout out to Lexie Garcia, who is now my go-to-girl for my brows game.

Lexie took her time to color match my hair and draw out my brows AFTER a lengthy chat about my daily makeup routine and desired overall appearance/look (head-to-toe). I'm extremely self-conscious about some scar tissue where my right eyebrow should be (no hair grows there) and Lexie took the time to reassure me that the pigment would cover. So far so good!! (I used to spend a long time covering my scar with gel, powder, pencil - nothing worked or stayed!). Lexie also created the shape I always tried and failed miserably at... AND the color is on-point!

Rima was so conscientious to get my brows just right. I’ve had them done previously, and they were poorly done. Rima took a great deal of time to get them properly balanced and looking great, and I was impressed that it did not hurt. She was worth the long wait!

I have had my eyebrows done since 2015. This was the third time. As always, Rima is an amazing expert in permanent makeup and I would ONLY trust her for anything. She is a true perfectionist. A truly kind person who cares about each and every client. She explains every detail and allows each client to participate in their experience. Love her!!


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