The Guy Brow

Your PMU Artist will masterfully design a fuller, masculine brow using Nano Machine Nair Strokes based on your desired results and facial anatomy.

What is it: The Guy Brow features Nano Machine Hair Strokes for the most natural look. It is just hair strokes only and covers the entire brow. In order for the hair strokes to appear crisp and prevent it from turning into a solid brow, a negative space (or gap) must be left between each stroke which gives it its signature airy appearance. This ensures proper healing and allows for long term utilization of this technique.

Are Guy Brows different than Female Brows?

Yes! Though the tools and supplies are the same, the design is completely different. Guys have a very different ideal brow shape from women and require more creative thinking to achieve that masculine, perfectly imperfect look.

Who is it for: Guys who want to achieve fuller more defined eye brows while still looking very natural.

Appearance: Soft, clean lines that weave flawlessly between your natural hairs for a fuller, bushier look.

Average Time Between Color Boosts: 1.5 - 2.5 years 

*Results will vary based on color choice, your individual retention, and long-term care/lifestyle choices and how bold you like to keep the color.

New Procedure Pricing:

Rima: $775   |   2-3 Month Follow Up- $100

Color Boost Pricing:

Up to 3 yrs- $475-$525
3-4 yrs- $625
4+ yrs- $725

Please note that a procedure is only considered a color boost if it was done by Rima, Marion or Lexie. If you see another artist in between, you will not be able to get the discounted color boost pricing.


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