Microblading & Nano Machine Hair Stroke

Your PMU Artist will masterfully design a gorgeous brow based on your style and facial anatomy and help you select one or a combination of techniques.

What is it: Microblading & Nano Machine Hair Strokes are the most natural technique of all the brow techniques. It is just hair strokes only and covers the entire brow. In order for the hair strokes to appear crisp and prevent it from turning into a solid brow, a negative space (or gap) must be left between each stroke which gives it it’s signature airy appearance. This ensures proper healing and allows for long term utilization of this technique.

Who is it for: Clients with existing hairs who enjoy an airy, not filled-in look. If your brows are sparse or are missing patches, the Fluffy Brow would be a better choice for you to disguise the bald areas.

Appearance: Soft, clean lines that weave flawlessly between your natural hairs for a fuller, bushier look.

Average Time Between Color Boosts: 1.5 - 2.5 years (Results will vary based on color choice, your individual retention, and long-term care/lifestyle choices and how bold you like to keep the color.)

New Procedure Pricing:

Rima: $775   |   2-3 Month Follow Up- $100

Color Boost Pricing:

Up to 3 yrs- $475-$525
3-4 yrs- $625
4+ yrs- $725

Please note that a procedure is only considered a color boost if it was done by Rima, Marion or Lexie. If you see another artist in between, you will not be able to get the discounted color boost pricing.

What’s the difference between Microblading and Nano Machine Hair Strokes?

Microblading is done with a hand tool which is comprised of a handle and needles arranged in a blade-like configuration. The needles are dragged across the skin to create a cut and ink is manually rubbed into the wound. Nano Machine Hair Strokes are done with a machine and a single needle. The needle pokes into the skin creating a series of dots that form a consecutive line.


If done correctly, Microblading and Nano Machine Hair Strokes are indistinguishable from each other. The strokes are just as fine, crisp and smooth. However, it requires a great deal more skill to perfect Nano Machine Hair Strokes so that they appear like Microblading.   

Nano Machine Hair Strokes have been around for a very long time but due to its difficulty, it never took off like Microblading. Imagine trying to slowly draw a perfectly straight line with a .3mm pencil versus a chisel tip highlighter. The highlighter is more stable due to its surface area, so it gives you more control. Microblading is like a highlighter, and it made hairstrokes so easy that everyone could be a hair stroke artist. 


Both are equally pain-free thanks to the numbing technique Rima created.


Because Microblading cuts the tissue, it takes your body longer to heal and knit itself back together (10-14 day healing period). Nano Machine Strokes are just a series of tiny holes so your skin is able to close up in half the time (5-7 days). 

Risk of Creating Scar Tissue:

It is very easy to go too deep into the skin when Microblading, so it runs a higher risk of creating scar tissue. 


After almost a decade of offering both Nano Machine Hair Strokes and Microblading, Rima has found that her Nano Machine Strokes tend to last around 6 months longer than Microblading and the strokes stay crisper. 

So, What’s the Best?

Ultimately, Rima will decide which technique is best for you based on your desired results and her experience. She does tend to prefer Nano Machine Hair Strokes more though due to its shorter healing time, less risk of scarring and higher longevity. 


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