Ombre Brows

Your PMU Artist will masterfully design a gorgeous brow based on your style and facial anatomy and help you select one or a combination of techniques.

What is it: The Ombre brow’s signature feature is the vanishing color in the fronts of the brow. We can do a transition from either powder for a more natural look or solid for a more dramatic look.

Who is it for: Clients with great brow hairs in the front who prefer light definition at the start of their brows and get more definition towards the arch and tail.

Appearance: Soft, barely there color in the front with the color increasing as you go towards the tail. The edges are usually crisp and clean or crisp on bottom with a softer edge on top.

Average Time Between Color Boosts: 2 - 3 years (Results will vary based on color choice, your individual retention, and long-term care/lifestyle choices and how bold you like to keep the color.)

New Procedure Pricing:

Rima: $700   |   Lexie: $400   |   2-3 Month Follow Up- $100

Color Boost Pricing:

Rima Lexie
Up to 3 yrs- $400-$450 Up to 2 yrs- $250
3-4 yrs- $550 2-3 yrs- $300
4+ yrs- $650 3+ yrs- $350

Please note that a procedure is only considered a color boost if it was done by Rima, Marion or Lexie. If you see another artist in between, you will not be able to get the discounted color boost pricing.


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